Johnstone Supply and Bosque Heating, Cooling & Plumbing Team Up to Help a Single Mom

At Bosque Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, being an active part of our community is always important to us. And as an Albuquerque HVAC company, we’re in the privileged position of people allowing us into their homes to help them deal with HVAC issues they might be having. Of course, this sometimes makes us aware of people in our community who are down on their luck or just could use a surprise blessing! And, we’re so thankful to have proactive foremen on our team and suppliers that share the same values as us so we could bless Diana, a single mom who needed a hand.

Albuquerque HVAC with Heart

Here’s what happened. We had a team sent out to provide a quote for an air conditioning repair or replacement. As our team began to evaluate the situation, they realized a few things. First, the call was to the home of a single mom with a daughter. The second was that they’d been living with the Albuquerque heat of summer for two weeks with no AC. Also, another Albuquerque HVAC company had already been out here a few weeks earlier and given her a quote for several thousand dollars for a new unit—an estimate she was not going to be able to afford.

When we got up on the roof where the unit was located to diagnose the situation, we realized the other company that had been here two weeks before had unplugged the AC and left it unplugged. And while it definitely did need to be replaced, it certainly would have been better than nothing had it been left plugged in! So our team plugged in the unit, so this mother and daughter could have some cool air in the interim. 

Power Partnership with Supplier Johnstone Supply

One of our HVAC suppliers here in Albuquerque is Johnstone Supply. The foreman on the crew reached out to our rep, David Marcos, over at Johnstone Supply and let them know about the situation. Marcos explained that they wanted to donate a new AC unit to Diana to help her out due to her difficult circumstance.

We were so thankful for their generosity. Then our foreman asked around our crew and got four guys to volunteer their time to install the new unit for this single mom. So a situation that felt dire to Diana was completely turned around by the generosity of Johnstone Supply and the willingness of our team members to donate their time. Diana was able to get her new AC up and running without any cost to her. 

We love nurturing generosity in our team, and it’s a value we have as a company. So, it’s heartwarming to us when our team members jump on board and give their own time. And, to know that we have other partners like Johnstone Supply in the community who are happy to help out someone in need is incredible.

Albuquerque is our home, and our goal is to see our community thriving. And I think we’d all agree having a functioning AC in the Albuquerque summers is an essential piece of thriving!

Join Us in Giving Back

If you’re inspired by this story and want to find ways to give back too, here are a few of our favorite organizations in Albuquerque that we support whenever we can:

You can also check out our past blog about some of the ways we’ve partnered with the community to learn more. Also, if you want the latest on what we are up to in the community, follow us on Instagram at @bosque_services or on Facebook.

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