Need to Replace Your Old Furnace?

An old furnace can be anywhere from inefficient to downright dangerous. Let Bosque replace your furnace today.

New Mexico’s Furnace Replacement Experts

When it comes to that time when you need a furnace replacement, we recommend being proactive for safety and convenience reasons and the technicians at Bosque are here to help! Our technicians are trained to examine your current ductwork and electrical to make sure your home is compatible with the new furnace. We can help you examine more energy-efficient options as well. Whatever your heating needs are, we provide each customer with a customized set of options with a variety of price points so you can pick what’s best for you.

How to Tell Your Furnace Might Need to be Replaced Versus Repaired?

If your furnace has poor airflow, isn’t heating your home like it should, or is making unusual noises, you need the help of an Albuquerque heating specialist. Often, when a furnace is running less than optimally, if it isn’t at the end of its lifespan yet (12-15 years), our technicians will be able to repair parts to help the furnace run. However, if it is reaching the end of that lifespan, chances are you’re a good candidate for a furnace replacement.

Have You Had Regular Furnace Maintenance Performed Each Year?

Most furnaces are designed to have a 12-15 year lifespan. But that doesn’t happen without regular maintenance and occasional repairs. In fact, many of the calls we get about furnaces are repair issues that could have been prevented with regular maintenance. It actually saves our customers money in the long run, and extends the life of their furnaces, to invest in regular maintenance for both residential and commercial settings. If this hasn’t been a part of your home care regimen, it may be the case that your furnace will need to be replaced sooner rather than later.

Transparent Pricing and Expert Furnace Replacement Technicians

When you make a significant investment like a new furnace, it can be hard to know who to turn to. You can trust that when you call Bosque Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, you’re calling a locally owned and operated company staffed by expert technicians. We’ll always provide you with a quote before beginning any work and offer financing to clients who need it. And, we care about our New Mexico community and are always looking for ways to support the community, whether through donations of services, supporting local drives for supplies, and other community partnerships.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Furnace Replacement

How can I tell if it's time to replace my furnace?

If your furnace is reaching the end of its lifespan (12-15 years), it’s probably worth considering a furnace replacement. We recommend doing furnace replacements proactively, so you don’t have a sudden lapse in heating since furnaces tend to go out all at once.

Do I really need maintenance on my furnace?

Yes, you definitely need regular maintenance on your furnace in Albuquerque. Parts accumulate debris and build-up, as well as experience wear and tear. Regular maintenance appointments keep all parts of your furnace clean and fully functioning. We also proactively replace parts that are wearing down at these appointments to prevent an unwanted lapse in heating.

What usually goes wrong with a furnace?

One of the most common heating concerns we see in Albuquerque is that the thermostat isn’t working, which could be fixed with a repair or an indicator of bigger problems. Other, more detrimental problems we see are a cracked heat exchanger, frayed blower belts, and a worn-out motor.

What should a furnace replacement cost?

New furnaces come at various price points, depending on their efficiency and other factors. We’re happy to provide you with a free quote and a few different options for your Albuquerque furnace installation so you can pick the model that’s best for your needs and your wallet.

What are your hours of operation?

We’re open 24/7 for emergencies, and our office hours are 8 am - 6 pm Monday - Friday and 8 am - 2 pm on Saturday.

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