Looking to Install a Furnace in Your Home?

A new furnace provides reliable heating, reduced energy bills, and peace of mind. Get yours today.

New Mexico’s Furnace Installation Experts

When it’s time to replace your current heating system or furnace, Bosque knows exactly how to help. Our service is always high quality and we provide equipment at a variety of price points that work for every home and budget. If your furnace is reaching the end of its lifespan (typically 12-15 years), or if you need furnace installation on a new build we’d love to help.

Thinking About Upgrading Your Furnace

Furnaces often go out all at once, leading to a sudden lapse in heating. But even before they do, they can start to emit carbon monoxide in your home. No one wants that! But aside from potential health risks, older furnaces can be very inefficient, letting up to 40% of the money you spend on heating your home go to waste. Whether you need to upgrade to a more efficient model or your furnace is just reaching the end of its life, let Bosque help you figure out what your options are.

Save Money on Your Heating Bill with a New Furnace Installation

Heating technology has grown a lot over the last few decades, and newer models of furnaces can save you serious money on your heating bill. In fact, older furnaces can be so inefficient that up to half the money you spend on heating your home goes to waste. By upgrading to a more energy-efficient furnace model, you can save on your heating bill and have the peace of mind that comes with owning a new appliance.

Get Peace of Mind and Comfort with a Professional Furnace Installation

When you make a significant investment like a new furnace, it can be hard to know who to turn to. You can trust that when you call Bosque Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, you’re calling a locally owned and operated company staffed by expert technicians. We’ll always provide you with a quote before beginning any work and offer financing to clients who need it. And, we care about our New Mexico community and are always looking for ways to support the community, whether through donations of services, supporting local drives for supplies, and other community partnerships.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Furnace Installation

What do I need to know before installing a new furnace?

Before having a new furnace installed, it’s helpful to know the following things so your HVAC specialist can provide you with a heating analysis by square foot: the square footage of your home, the quality of the insulation in the home on the effectiveness of the windows, and the height of the ceilings. It’s also helpful to know when your AC unit was last replaced since you might want to consider having both replaced at the same time.

How many hours does it take to install a new furnace?

Furnace installations are pretty straightforward, and you can expect your technicians to be in your home for about one day, anywhere from 4-8 hours. The exception to this would be if you’re converting your heating from another heating method (like baseboard heating), in which case additional time needs to be factored in for duct installation.

How much should I pay for a furnace installation?

New furnaces come at a variety of price points, depending on their efficiency and other factors. We’re happy to provide you with a free quote and a few different options for your Albuquerque furnace installation so you can pick the model that’s best for your needs and your wallet.

What are your hours of operation?

We’re open 24/7 for emergencies, and our office hours are 8 am - 6 pm Monday - Friday and 8 am - 2 pm on Saturday.

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Bosque Heating, Cooling and Plumbing provides service in the entire Albuquerque metroplex area as well as Santa Fe, and most cities within about a one-hour drive from our headquarters in Albuquerque. Not sure if we can service your area? Just give us a call. Some common cities we serve are: