Thinking About Converting to Refrigerated Air?

Swamp coolers can’t effectively cool your home like refrigerated air can. Are you ready for comfort in the New Mexico summers?

New Mexico’s Swamp Cooler Conversion Experts

Today, swamp coolers are a thing of the past. But many homes built in previous decades still have them. And the main trouble people have with evaporative coolers (swamp coolers) is that they simply don’t get homes cool enough on the hottest days of summer. If you’re tired of your swamp cooler, swamp cooler conversion may very well be an option for you!

Is Now the Time to Convert Your Swamp Cooler?

Swamp coolers are only able to get a home about 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. And obviously, that’s not a comfortable indoor temperature when it’s 105° outside and 85° in the house. For a time, people thought swamp coolers were a less expensive option for cooling, but now with energy efficient models of refrigerated air, many homeowners can save money by converting their swamp coolers. Curious if your home is suited for a swamp cooler conversion?

Swamp Cooler vs Refrigerated Air

Swamp coolers cool the air in your home by passing the hot outside air over a damp pad, cooling the air with water. So one reason Albuquerque homeowners have chosen swamp coolers is because they help the air be less dry. However, refrigerated air, or traditional AC units are able to get homes much cooler than swamp coolers. New models are more efficient, and with the addition of a whole home humidifier, can alleviate the dryness problem too. Want to know more about converting your swamp cooler?

Say Hello to a Cooler, More Enjoyable Summer with Your Conversion

Imagine limitless cooling to your home during June, July, and August. Imagine not dreading those 100 degrees days, or rushing around your home and opening windows to additionally cool your home in those cooler hours. With refrigerated air, you will experience the freedom to entertain without worrying about overheated guests, you’ll sleep better at night, and you’ll likely be saving money on your cooling bill while you do it!

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Commonly Asked Questions About Swamp Cooler Conversions

Will it be cost-efficient for me to convert to AC?

We’ll do a cost-per-square-foot analysis of your home so you can make a decision that makes financial sense for you. In most cases, with the energy-efficient technology that is available today, it is more cost-effective to have AC than a swamp cooler.

Are there any health benefits to switching to refrigerated air?

Yes, there certainly are potential health benefits to a swamp cooler conversion. Swamp coolers, or evaporative coolers, use water evaporation to cool the air. If not properly maintained, over time, you risk mold getting into the air and face other risks to indoor air quality. Switching to air conditioning potentially improves the air quality in your home, or at least removes the risk of mold.

How much does it typically cost to convert to refrigerated air?

The cost of a swamp cooler conversion in Albuquerque is really dependent on the current layout and heating system in the home. Our trained technicians know exactly what to look for when it comes to converting your swamp cooler to refrigerated air. Some homes with swamp coolers don’t have adequate duct systems to support AC, so first, we need to determine if you’ll need ductwork installation to support an AC. 

We also need to check your electric panel to see if it supports the conversion or if you’ll need some upgrades there too. And another factor is the layout of the home. Our technicians analyze if the design would allow for any additional ductwork needed. All of these factors affect the cost of the conversion.

How long does it take to convert my swamp cooler in Albuquerque?

Similar to the question above, it really depends on the existing infrastructure. If you have a furnace, you’ll likely have the ductwork in place and the conversion will be more straightforward. But if you have baseboard or radiant home heating, installation of the necessary ductwork takes additional time. Also, if your home needs upgrades to the electrical system to support an AC unit, that will take some additional time as well. So it really is a case by case basis.

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