Save Yourself Costly Repairs Down the Road with Spring HVAC Maintenance!

It’s that time of year again to get on our schedule for your seasonal HVAC changeover or spring maintenance visit. Never had a spring HVAC maintenance visit before? New to homeownership? We’ve got you covered!

Believe it or not, almost all emergency HVAC visits we see could have been prevented with regular maintenance. Why is this the case? When you run into a situation where your air conditioner stops working out of the blue, it’s usually because of a worn-down part. Or perhaps, there is build-up preventing the AC from working correctly.

These are all things our techs take care of proactively at a spring maintenance visit. You might be wondering if you can just look up a checklist online and do this maintenance yourself. It’s certainly not impossible, but here’s why you’ll get more out of a professional maintenance appointment.

Why a Professional Visit is Better Than DIY

  1. A professional HVAC tech knows what all the parts are supposed to look like, so they know if they are worn down or not.
  2. An HVAC tech has the proper tools to clean all of the components. Some parts are fragile and can easily be damaged and ruined.
  3. A professional is trained to take apart your AC to check on the interior parts.
  4. A professional sees dozens of HVAC units each week, so their recommendations are based on experience you probably don’t have and won’t be able to figure out from YouTube.

Spring HVAC Maintenance Visit for Refrigerated Air

We know it’s still February, but spring is just around the corner, and it’s time to start scheduling your spring maintenance HVAC appointment to make sure your air conditioning is ready to roar when the temperatures start to heat up! March and April are the perfect time of year to schedule your HVAC maintenance appointment because you’re starting to use your furnace less, and in just a short time will need to kick on the AC.

While there are fewer “to-dos” in a changeover than if you have a swamp cooler, spring is still the perfect time to make sure everything is clean and running optimally. It’s also a great time to chat with your HVAC specialist and let them know if there was anything that wasn’t running quite right with your furnace over the winter. Here’s what you can expect from a professional spring maintenance visit.

Spring HVAC Checklist:

  • Our team member will address any concerns you had about your furnace over the winter.
  • They’ll make sure the coils are clear of any buildup.
  • Your tech will clean the exterior of the condenser unit and make sure there aren’t any leaves, cottonwood seeds, and any other debris.
  • The tech will cycle the AC system and check the temperature of the air coming out of the supply duct and the air going back into the return ducts.
  • We test electrical connections and look for burn marks (a sign of a short).
  • Lastly, they will also suggest any parts replacements or repairs they see fit to keep you cool all summer.

Spring maintenance provides peace of mind and helps extend the lifespan of your AC unit. You’ll get the most out of your AC and prevent any lapses in cooling that would happen with the sudden failure of a part.

Spring Maintenance Visit for Swamp Coolers

People with swamp coolers in their homes are used to the idea of spring HVAC maintenance because a swamp cooler needs to be reconnected and turned on. Again, this is something that is possible to do on your own. But, a professional will go through a much more extensive maintenance checklist. And, many swamp coolers are located on the roof, so if you’re not comfortable getting on your roof, or aren’t able to, a professional visit is undoubtedly ideal.

Spring HVAC Checklist for Swamp Coolers:

  • We’ll ask how the furnace worked over the winter so we can make sure you’re good to go in the fall.
  • Then our tech will shut off the power and the gas to the furnace and insert the damper into the furnace to block it off.
  • We’ll perform maintenance on the furnace, cleaning build-up off of parts that may have collected over the winter.
  • Our tech will disassemble the swamp cooler and clean each part.
  • They will clean or replace the pads as needed and make sure they aren’t calcified. This step is crucial because calcified pads can’t absorb water and this could result in water in your duct system.
  • We test the motor and the float and replace the float if necessary.
  • If you’re new to using a swamp cooler, or just if you have questions, we will make sure you know how to properly use the swamp cooler, keeping the windows open to release the pressure so you don’t burn out the motor.

Spring maintenance visits for homes with a swamp cooler have a lot of steps, and if they aren’t done correctly or at all, it could result in damage to your home. So make sure you call an HVAC professional to do your spring changeover.

Save Yourself Costly Repair—Schedule Your HVAC Maintenance Appointment Today

Spring maintenance for HVAC units in Albuquerque can save you hundreds on unexpected repairs and cooling outages. Our professionals know how to keep your air conditioning running optimally. Schedule your spring maintenance visit for peace of mind, and to extend the life of your cooling system.

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